Friday, May 4, 2012

Meet Chelsea

photo cred: Megan Shipley

Meet Chelsea.

I will probably be mentioning Chelsea a lot in the next few months, and so I thought she deserved a formal introduction.

Chelsea has been one of my roommates this past year, and what a JOY it has been to live with her.  She and I met our freshman year of college while attending the same church.  However, our friendship really started our sophomore year when we were both enrolled in the same Physics class.  If I learned anything from that class, it was that Chelsea Atkinson is one of the coolest people I've ever met.

Honestly, it daily amazes me that we are friends. We are two very different people. But this means that we can learn so much from each other. Which is why our friendship is one of the most exciting, vulnerable, challenging, and valuable friendships I've ever had.
But if we have anything in common, it is definitely our shared passion for musicals. Ok, we have more things in common than just that.... But really, it is not uncommon to find us singing and dancing around our living room to the Wicked or Hairspray soundtrack.
However, while it's very convenient to have a friend who also doubles as my dancing partner, I did not befriend her for that reason alone. There is so much more to her.  She is truly one of the most intentional, talented (she is a phenomenal piano player and singer, did i mention that?), honest, mature, and beautiful women I know. Goodness gracious, I just love her a lot!

This is why it was super exciting when she decided to study abroad in Maastricht with me this summer!  She and I will by rooming together in the dorms and also be doing quite a bit of traveling together. I am so incredibly thankful that I will have her with me on this adventure.
Watch out Europe! We're comin' for you!

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  1. Lo-renzo
    You are really cool.
    I love you.
    I'm thankful for you.
    Let's be friends

    Hey, wanna go to Europe?