Monday, May 28, 2012

Cinque Terre, Italy: A Slice of Paradise

I imagine some little corner of heaven might look a little bit like Cinque Terre, Italy.

We left Florence early in the morning and took a train to Manarola, which is one of the five villages located in Cinque Terre (get it? Cinque....five? I didn't catch on at first, so if you don't understand yet, you're not alone). We spent the day hiking along the coast of these villages, eating delicious gelato (of course), running away from creepy-crawly crabs, and basking in the sunshine on the marble white rocks on the shore. It was truly incredible and I don't reslly think I can fully describe it, so I'm just going to let the pictures do all the talking:

Chelsea and Claire at lunch. 
I tried lobster for the first time EVER here. And, might I say, it was QUITE tasty.

We stayed in a hostel at the very tippy-top of this little village.

They don't just have rocks on their beach. They have MARBLE rocks on the beach. How cool is that?

Claire and me after jumping into the freezing Mediterranean Sea. #WorthIt

 I've become THAT person, who takes pictures of her meal. But seriously, when it looks THIS good, how can you NOT photograph your food?

Sunset over the Mediterranean Sea. GLORY.

Cinque Terre, Italy was seriously like a dream. I would look around and every single view was as if I was standing in a postcard. It did not feel real. But, don't worry, it definitely was! And I am SO glad it was. Otherwise, my day in Italy would not have been nearly as beautiful.

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